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Your tropical Caribbean vacation awaits you and there is more to the West Indies than swaying palm trees, stunning beaches and turquoise waters…

Captain Peter M. - Alagana House Owner and Proprietor
Captain Peter M.
Alagana House
Owner and Proprietor

But luckily for you not much more and with Alagana House as your base, in mere moments you will discover the rest of what Antigua has to offer!

You are never far from a beach on an island and as there are over 365 of them this island is perfect for your getaway vacation. With both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to play on or in, you may wish to try some of the other activities on offer; sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, diving and sundowners to name a few 😉

Private day sailing or group Eco tours are available and Alagana House will be happy to make arrangements at your request. See the island from the water and snorkel places not accessible from land; Zip-line through Antigua’s corner of rain forest Fig Tree Drive; Take a mate and canter into the sunset with a horse riding tour.

You may wish nothing more adventurous than turning the next page in your book. Alagana House Antigua is suitable for mature families, groups of friends, couples, and honeymooners so why don’t you inquire today and start planning your dream retreat!