Antigua Villa Rentals | About Alagana House

Alagana House is a modern, well appointed, Antigua hillside villa retreat.

This three (3) bedroom villa boasts cathedral ceilings and panoramic views across the stunning landscape of both Falmouth & English Harbours. As one of the original villa properties located on the island, the home is established, comfortable and ready to be your island paradise when you visit the Caribbean.

About Alagana House

The infinity pool gently cascades over the horizon while the Caribbean breeze rolls off the hill sides and the air is filled with a sense of calm.

At Alagana House, our aim is to welcome you to the Caribbean with warm hospitality, sumptuous surroundings and to leave you with a lasting memory of this truly magical place.

Alagana House derives its name from the Amerindian word for a golden yellow tropical apple, the Mammea Americana L, more commonly known as the Mamey Apple. It is said to have grown here in abundance in the 1800s. Whilst very few examples of this horticultural wonder exit today, the lush tropical landscape has many other sights to behold.

Additional Notables:

  • WiFI
  • Cable TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Infinity Pool
  • Sea View Vistas
  • Onsite Parking

We hope you enjoy every minute of your dream vacation!

Alagana House and the Island of Antigua Welcome You!

Alagana House AntiguaAlagana House AntiguaAlagana House AntiguaAlagana House AntiguaAlagana House Antigua